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The Purpose of this place is to achieve Financial Freedom and Retire Early as soon as possible by learning about Passive income, Stock Investments, Real Estate, Commodities & so on.

Learn. Earn. Save. Invest.

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Interested to know where do I invest money in Stock Market? Here you go.

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Learn How to Make Money While You Sleep. Passive Income Are The BEST.


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1 Hour class

How to Find Intrinsic Value of a Stock?

One of the most asked questions in our blog is how to find intrinsic value of a stock. It’s a genuine question. I mean even if you find a good company, how do you know at which price should I buy that stock? This course will show you exactly how to find the intrinsic value of a stock so that you understand if a stock value is over priced or under priced. Go ahead give it a try!

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Hi there and Welcome! I am really glad and honored that you decided to come and visit our website SavingsEffect.com.

I am SK – Everyone call me by that name, 28 years old, born in India. I created this website to share my ultimate passion – Finance, Stock Market & Teaching.

 My passion is to grow my passive income portfolio to Rs 10 Lakh per year and I want to teach you to do the same.

My life goal is to get Financial Freedom by the age of 35. My plan is to build active and passive income, save money and then wisely invest them to reach my goal.

Learn. Earn. Save. Invest. Financial Freedom. – SK.


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We have created some courses for our audience about Stock Market. It’s best for all beginners and pro. Everyone should learn something new from our courses. We mainly focus on long term investing and how to find the intrinsic value of any Stock Listed Company. We focus on teaching how to complete analysis a Stock so that you can freely invest in them without any worries!

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What Our Visitors Say

If someone had told to me that I would double my income by staying in India, I would have said IMPOSSIBLE! But that’s actually happened with me. I now have a lot of better understanding of money, saving and how to invest them. My problem was never lack of money but the problem was to save them and invest them. Not to mention, my relationship with my Wife, Parents & Kids are better than ever. I truly feel I am now succeeding in my life.

Abhijeet Bera

Real Estate Investor

The tips shared by SK in Savingseffect.com and Instagram is very helpful in real life. I spent most of my adult life in debt and anxiety. I always thought I would never get out of this Debt ever. However, I learned a lot about saving money and investing them wisely through this website. I would really like to thank SK from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing place for Indian People to learn about investing money.

Debasish Chatterjee

Full-Time Stock Trader

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