Note: This is a journey where I am investing Rs 4,000 per month (Average smokers bill per month in Cigarettes) and showing everyone how much can you actually earn with just saving the smoking money. Non-smokers are encouraged to follow this journey too. My Stock Portfolio is shared in the end of this article.

Last Updated: 16 June, 2020. (This post is updated every month, so kindly bookmark it and come back every month to see my investment journey)

Recently, we did a survey with 16,000 followers on our Instagram whether they smoke or not. Around 2803 followers participated and out of that 1,478 followers said “Yes” and the rest said “No”.

I was surprised to see the numbers and then I started digging some more in the internet to see how many Indians smoke in reality.

The number was shocking too. According to Wikipedia, 12 Crore Indians are SMOKERS.

Look, before you get any wrong idea, I want to tell you that I am not going to show you the down side of smoking whether you will get sick or you are burning money and what not. But I am exactly going to do the opposite of it. I will just show you the upside if you quit smoking.

After researching a bit more, I found out that the average smoker spends around Rs 4,000 per month in Cigarettes in India. In western countries, it’s even more. Now, this is only the smoking bill, I am not even remotely considering the Drinking habit here.

Now, may be just may be, if you think for a moment, and I want all of you to think about this right now, doesn’t matter if you are a smoker or not, how much do you think you could earn by just investing this Rs 4,000 every month?

Well, let’s do the quick math. Right now, I am 28 years old and if I plan to retire at 60 years old like average person on this planet and keep investing Rs 4,000 every month with a minimum 12% return (even a bad mutual fund could give you better return than this) then after 32 years this investment will turn into, READY?

Rs 1,55,67,181 !!!

Can’t believe me? Well, let me break down the math for you –


Invested Amount

Wealth Gain

Expected Money

Within these 32 years, I will invest around Rs 15.36 lakh and with a mere minimum of 12% return could get me that much amount. However, if you can choose a good mutual fund or say, if you invest in share market by yourself and get around 15% return per year then this amount will easily increase to Rs 3 Crore. (Without including the Dividend Payments)

All of this is happening by just saving and investing the smoking money. Not to mention that the rate of Cigarettes are increasing every year. So, eventually this Rs 4,000 per month will increase even more in the future.

Now, I won’t be one of those who just like to say things but fail to prove it. So, to encourage each and every smoker or non-smoker in this country, I will join this journey with you. From now on, I will be investing Rs 4,000 every month in the stock market by myself, starting from April, 2020 and I will show you which stocks I am buying to motivate you.

I will be updating this article every month and will show my progress. (Last Updated: June, 2020)

Disclaimer: I am showing you my Stock Market Portfolio where I am investing only smoking saving money, I am not a Financial Manager and all the stocks I have bought is purely based on my research. I do not intent to sell them any time soon as my plan is only to keep investing until I retire.

Div. Yield
Share Value
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd71.72%3921
Motherson Sumi452.33%3022
Zydus Wellness40.59%5021

Quick Summary of My Portfolio –

No. Of Shares

Invested Amount

Annual Dividend Income

Basically, my strategy is simple; if I am investing Rs 4,000 every month then it’s Rs 48,000 per year. So, I have decided to spread the money among 4 Stocks only; Rs 12,000 each company every year. I will keep spreading the money equally in all companies per month and also, I will re-invest the Dividend income into the same account as well.

I will keep on updating this post about how much Dividend I am receiving and what I am buying every month. So, bookmark this post and keep checking it every month.

My aim is very simple with this article, I really want most of my viewers to quit smoking and invest the money. Make some financial plans and make some good decisions.

I mean why would you want to smoke if there’s Rs 1 Crore in your bank account? When you will see your money is growing every month in your Demat account or any other investment, I mean do you really want to have any sort of addiction that time?

I do believe, investing is more addicting, fun and will help you to reach your financial goal sooner than later.

All this can be done by just quitting smoking and investing the money in some good investment plans. I hope you will find some inspiration in this article and will consider investing rather than having any addiction.

Value of Investing Little Money Every Month or SIP

I try to teach this to all my friends, family members, relatives and even my neighbors, the importance of investing little money every month. And when I say small I mean extremely small, we are talking about Rs 20 per day only.

Now, you would be thinking what good can Rs 20 bring in my life? Well, again, don’t believe me what I say but believe the mathematics and the system.

If you invest Rs 20 per day for next 30 years in a good investment plan whether it’s mutual funds or stock market with a return of 15% then after 30 years, you will have nearly Rs 34 Lakh.

Even, if you adjust inflation and everything, still this money will have a lot of value after 30 years. And, a smoker can save this money by just not smoking 1 Cigarette a day.

I mean if you are a chain smoker, then I am only asking you to give up 1 Cigarette a day, that’s all. The magic starts with starting that small. I do believe, that you can quit just one per day. Come on, I know you could do better but I am asking you to just take a test drive.

Compounding effect never kicks in overnight but it takes a very long time and all of a sudden you will have an overnight success.

Follow the system with discipline and you will surely succeed.

Please email me if you decide to quit smoking and start investing.

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